Gift of Life, a UK sister charity to Podari Zhizn (“Подари жизнь”), a leading children’s cancer foundation in Russia.

The Gift of Life’s mission is to ensure children and young adults with cancer or haematological disease in Russia can receive the most effective and modern medical care and nonmedical support.

What we do

Gift of Life regularly fundraises for the medicines that aren’t available in Russia but are indispensable for the treatment of certain types of cancer.

The charity also sponsors the foreign specialists’ visits to the Dmitry Rogachev Centre for Paediatric Haematology in Moscow, who perform surgical operations and pass the unique surgical methods on to the Russian doctors.

Since 2011 Gift of Life has managed to support over 700 applications for life-saving medicine and non-medical treatment, spending over £8,850,000 on its programmes. The charity gave support to hundreds of children and their families from Russia and the CIS.

Why donations are needed

The Russian state covers treatment for cancer and other potentially fatal diseases only partially. A large part of the cost – as much as 66% – must be shouldered by families who often struggle and live below the poverty line as treating cancer is devastating financially.

How much we need

While running ongoing appeals to fund foreign medications, Gift of Life works incredibly hard to reach its primary goal – to raise £800,000 in order to cover completely the costs of foreign drugs such as Defitelio, Foscavir and Cidofovir for Podari Zhizn patients throughout the whole year.

Please, donate to help us save more children every day.

If you have more questions about Gift of Life and the work we do check out the Frequently Asked Questions.


The Podari Zhizn foundation was established on 26 November 2006 to help children and young adults up to 25 years old who are being treated for cancer and life-threatening blood disorders in Russian clinics.

15 years of support

Since 2006, Podari Zhizn has helped over 80,000 children and young adults.

It all started with doctors, oncologists and haematologists, firstly Galina Novichkova, Alexei Maschan and Mikhail Maschan. They had courage to share it in the media that Russian hospitals lacked medical supplies, equipment and bone marrow donors for children. Their appeals inspired a team of volunteers and fundraisers to raise money and involve famous actors, performers, musicians, journalists, and businessmen to support these charitable needs.

Podari Zhizn has been helping doctors to treat their patients, helps children at every stage of their treatment, and supports families who otherwise would have to face this challenge alone.

Most effective medications, life-saving surgeries, medical equipment, diagnostics and tests, travel expenses to and from hospitals, food, clothes, accommodation – all of these costs are covered from donations.

Please visit Podari Zhizn website for more information about the charity and its work.

Podari.Life Inc. is a U.S.-based charity opened in 2015 by a group of enthusiasts who have volunteered at Podari Zhizn prior to moving to the United States.

The charity believes that while the U.S. and Russian governments may be having a standoff, people of these two great countries do not. Openness, generosity, mutual support, and friendship are part of the cure for a disease that knows no borders – cancer.

Their mission

The charity’s mission is to advance public education on childhood cancer and to increase awareness among medical professionals in Russia. Same as its sister charities, Podari.Life is convinced that a child’s life should not depend on money. Check Podari.Life webpage for more details.


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