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2023 Impact Report


Big thanks for standing with the Gift of Life Foundation in the fight against childhood cancer. Your support means the world, especially with all the obstacles we’ve been facing – daunting geopolitical issues, financial strains, and tricky logistics. Helping young cancer patients from Russia and the CIS countries has never been more challenging.

In 2023, your donations and support added up to a generous £476,875 invested in our programme work against childhood cancer. This means we could provide 35 young cancer patients with the crucial medications and life-saving treatments. Your charitable gift is the heart and soul of this impact!

We’ve got some stories to share about the brave cancer fighters we’ve supported together during this challenging year.

Adelina, 9 years old 

Diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in March 2021, Adelina received a bone marrow transplant from her father as the donor. Unfortunately, this transplant was unsuccessful, leading to further therapy. A second transplant was conducted in April this year, followed by essential antiviral therapy using Foscavir, a medication not available in Russia and sourced from Germany. Gift of Life financed 30 vials of Foscavir for £7,162. Adelina is currently continuing her treatment and feeling relatively well under constant medical supervision.


Miron, 10 months old

Miron, diagnosed with severe immunodeficiency at birth, experienced symptoms like skin hyperaemia, peeling, fever, and enlarged lymph nodes. To enhance his condition, he underwent a thymus transplant, a critical organ for immune function. Prior to this, Miron completed a Foscavir treatment (30 vials at a cost of £7,223), funded by Gift of Life, crucial for his therapy. Currently, Miron is doing well, and his mum Rimma is hopeful for the first festive season with Miron.


Ruslan, 15 years old

Ruslan underwent surgery to remove a brain tumour in late 2019, later identified as a medulloblastoma in the brain’s fourth ventricle. In early 2023, he experienced a metastatic recurrence. To manage this, Ruslan requires continuous treatment with Eto-Gry, a drug not available in Russia. In July, Gift of Life procured 4 vials of Eto-Gry for £225. Despite its relative affordability, the treatment needs to be ongoing. Presently, Ruslan is undergoing the necessary therapy and, fortunately, there has been no recent progression of the disease.


Zhannet, 16 years old

Zhannet suffers from acute myeloblastic leukaemia, which constitutes about 15% of paediatric blood cancers. This year, she underwent several chemotherapy sessions, supplemented with Idarubicin, a proven anti-tumour medication. Due to its limited availability in Russia, Gift of Life supplies Idarubicin from Germany for its patients, covering 9 vials at a cost of £1,474 for Zhannet. In September, she received a bone marrow transplant from her sister. While the transplant is functioning well without major complications, Zhannet must continue her supportive therapy for quite some time.

We are immensely grateful that you make a real difference to the lives of children. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

In 2023

The total of £476,875 was applied to purchase critical medication and cover the costs of life-saving treatments unavailable in Russia for 35 young patients diagnosed with cancer and serious blood disorders.

£251,271 was paid for life-saving medications unavailable in Russia including:

  • 2 vials of Cedofovir
  • 2 packs of Probenecid
  • 250 vials of Defitelio
  • 60 vials of Desferal
  • 12 vials of Eculizumab
  • 16 vials of Eto-Gry
  • 120 vials of Foscavir
  • 67 vials of Idarubicin
  • 1 pack of Mercaptopurine
  • 11 vials of Xaluprine
  • 2 packs of Xospata

£179,056 was allocated for a bone marrow transplantation procedure and post-transplant recovery for one critically ill patient treated at a clinic in Israel.

£46,548 was invested in professional development, training and education programmes for Russian paediatric cancer specialists. These doctors will eventually treat more children and save more lives.

Twelve years of saving young lives

Since 2011, Gift of Life has achieved some amazing results thanks to your help.

Over £8,850,000 has been invested in Gift of Life’s programme work.

561 children and young people have been provided with medical treatment and non-medical support.

79 doctors and cancer specialists were provided with education programmes.

709 applications for vital medicine and non-medical treatment have been supported by the charity.

Your continued support of Gift of Life will help us save even more lives. Consider subscribing to our monthly donations.