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Veronika Belotserkovskaya (Nika Belotserkovskaya) is the publisher of the Sobaka.ru magazines, the owner of the Belonika & Chefs cookery school, an author of best-selling cookbooks, and a popular blogger.

Nika studied as an art director and animator on a pilot course taught by Soviet art director Yuri Norstein at High Courses for Scriptwriters and Film Directors.

Sobaka.ru, which she created in 1999 as a “St. Petersburg city magazine”, has grown beyond its original bounds. Unique versions are being published in 19 other major cities. Sobaka.ru includes paper magazines, a mobile app, websites, and prominent city awards. The “Sobaka.ru TOP 50: Most Famous People of St. Petersburg” award annually highlights the achievements of fifty citizens who have made breakthroughs in all kinds of areas, from science to show business.

In 2010, Nika published her first book, Retseptyshi. It was followed by Dietyshi, Proyedu.Provino.Provans, V Rot Kruglyi God, Legko Byt Legkoi, #pastapasta, #neslipnetsya, Vsyo Pod Yolku, #myasomyaso, Sdelano v Italii, and Gastronomicheskie Retseptyshi.

She publishes most of her recipes on her blog, together with photos which she always takes herself.

Nika wrote the screenplay for the four-part film Proprovans: Dramaticheskiye Istorii, released in February 2014.

She has three sons.

Since 2015, Nika has been an active supporter of Gift of Life. In 2020, she became a patron of the charity.