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You have helped us save young lives!

Thanks to your generosity, Gift of Life has supported 16 children with cancer and serious blood disorders in the first five months of 2024.

Since January, we have invested over £286,000 in our medical programmes, approving 28 applications for advanced chemotherapy drugs and other essential medications unavailable in Russian clinics. This funding also supported our educational program for paediatric cancer specialists and scientists, who are dedicated to battling childhood cancer. In this five-month period, 26 specialists gained access to international educational resources and conferences through our programme.

Speaking of medications, thanks to your generous gifts and contributions, Gift of Life was able to cover the costs of the following drugs:

  • 370 vials of Defitelio, a low-toxic drug which support liver function after bone marrow transplants.
  • 110 vials of Foscavir, an effective antiviral medication used in post-transplant period to fight infections.
  • 84 vials of Spectrila, a chemotherapy drug for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia treatment.
  • 8 vials of Xaluprine, a chemotherapy drug used to treat some types of blood cancer including acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.
  • 4 vials of Cidofovir, a medication that prevents and treats infections caused by viruses.

Meet Ivan, Timur, Larisa, and Polina, among others, who have benefited from your support this year.

Ivan, 18 months old

In August 2023, Ivan was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and began chemotherapy treatment. Due to his young age, Ivan’s treatment plan included supportive therapy with Xaluprine in a precise liquid form. Unfortunately, this medication wasn’t available in Russian clinics, so it had to be sourced from Germany. Gift of Life stepped in to finance 8 vials of Xaluprine, amounting to £4,256, for Ivan’s treatment. Thanks to your generosity, Ivan is now feeling better. Though discharged from the hospital, he continues his supportive therapy.

Timur, nine years old

In December 2016, Timur received the challenging diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. His journey since then has been marked by a series of medical treatments until his condition finally became suitable for a crucial bone marrow transplant, which took place in June 2023. However, as is often the case in the early post-transplant period, Timur faced a serious viral infection. His urgent need for a course of Cidofovir, a medication unavailable in Russian clinics, was met through the efforts of Gift of Life, which purchased the medication at a cost of £1,253 for Timur’s treatment. Timur remains under the careful control and supervision of his medical team. Through your support, Timur is navigating this challenging journey with resilience and determination.

Larisa, seven months old

Larisa, diagnosed with congenital immunodeficiency, underwent a crucial bone marrow transplant from an unrelated matching donor in April. However, her post-transplant journey has been marked by specific complications common to this early period, including a viral infection and a high risk of veno-occlusive disease affecting liver. To combat these life-threatening conditions, Larisa was prescribed a 30-vial course of antiviral medication, Foscavir, and 60 vials of Defitelio, a highly effective drug for liver function support. Unfortunately, both medications were unavailable in Russia and came with significant costs. Thanks to the generous gifts and support from our donors, Gift of Life was able to cover the substantial expense of £36,253 for Larisa’s essential medications. Your contributions have played a vital role in ensuring Larisa receives the critical treatment she needs to navigate this challenging phase of her recovery.

Polina, six years old

Polina’s journey with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia began in 2019, leading her through chemotherapy until achieving remission in November 2021. However, her battle took a devastating turn in March 2023 when Polina experienced a rapid deterioration in her condition, signalling a relapse of leukaemia. Despite undergoing advanced multi-step medical treatments, Polina’s condition remained challenging to cure. In December 2023, Polina received a critical bone marrow transplant from a related donor to replenish blood creation functions within her body. However, the early post-transplant period left Polina highly vulnerable to viral infections, eventually leading to complications with cytomegalovirus. To combat this life-threatening condition, Polina’s medical team prescribed a course of antiviral therapy with Foscavir. With your unwavering support, Gift of Life stepped in to secure 30 vials of Foscavir at a cost of £4,840 for Polina’s treatment.

These stories illustrate how every donation makes a difference in children’s cancer battles. From small steps come significant results. Let’s continue forward together!

Thirteen years of saving young lives

Since its establishment in the UK in 2011, Gift of Life has benefited 573 children and young people with cancer and other life-threatening conditions, investing over £9,175,000 in medicines, medical care, and non-medical support.

731 applications to cover the costs of various medical needs of our patients and the expenses related to the educational programme for paediatric cancer specialists were approved for funding in thirteen years of Gift of Life operation.

We have given more than 100 doctors and cancer specialists a better access to most trusted academic resources and allowed them to take part in international conferences in childhood cancer and other serious diseases.

Your support is making a profound impact, and together, we are saving young lives!