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Educational programme


An important pillar of Gift of Life’s work is the funding of an Educational Programme for the medical specialists who treat our patients in Russian hospitals. The programme gives the doctors the opportunity to acquire knowledge of groundbreaking discoveries in cancer research and learn innovative medical methods used by their international counterparts, and in turn share this expertise with their Russian colleagues.

Since 2011 with the generous support of our donors, Gift of Life has managed to provide educational and development programmes for more than 70 doctors in Russian clinics helping to save hundreds more lives.

Why this matters

Medicine is in an area of rapid development and constant growth in knowledge, and cancer treatment in particular is an ever-evolving field. Doctors need to constantly learn and improve their skills for the successful treatment of patients with oncological and haematological diseases.

“If a doctor today is not informed of new procedures, they do not “move” medicine forward, and in ten years they become useless, not even understanding what drugs to use in treatment. And vice versa, with constant training, a doctor won’t fear that their knowledge will become outdated, and therefore they are actively practicing, saving hundreds of children’s lives,” says Dr Mikhail Maschan (MD, DSc), Deputy Director General of the Dmitry Rogachev National Medical Research Centre.

How we help

With the Gift of Life’s support, Russian doctors and medical scientists attend leading international symposia and conferences, which remain an indispensable mechanism for the transfer of knowledge in medical profession. They have an excellent opportunity to share experience and reinforce professional relationships.

Without these networking and sharing forums it wouldn’t be possible to create new treatment technologies so that patients in Russia receive them no later than patients in the USA or Europe.

Gift of Life pays for registration fees for the Russian specialists to take part in international conferences and covers the travel, accommodation, and visa costs.

In addition, Gift of Life encourages the leading international specialists to visit partner clinics in Moscow for consultations, lectures, master classes, and joint surgical operations with Russian doctors. Gift of Life pays for their travel and visa expenses.

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