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Volunteer with us

To make your mark on a great cause, meet like-minded people who share the same passion of helping those in great need, and master a range of useful skills look no further than volunteering for a kids’ cancer charity. Helping children to beat cancer is not an easy task. But you cannot even imaging how rewarding is to see Gift of Life’s little patients leaving hospitals with confidence and smile. How do we know that? Because we saw it with our own eyes as former volunteers, heard exciting stories of children got better from current volunteers of our charity, and truly believe in lasting change for children which we can create together.

At Gift of Life volunteering is one of the cornerstones of our approach to raising crucial funds for charitable causes. We aim for having as much tasks performed by volunteers as possible. This does not only help us to keep administrative costs at bay, but also keeps us socially aware and broadens our network of contacts. With over 23.1 million people in the UK involved in volunteering at least once a year, the whole idea of giving your time and expertise for free cannot be wrong. 

With a team of 30 regular volunteers, we are always happy welcome new people, looking for an opportunity that is just right for them. Interested in joining us? Email Marina@giftoflife.eu to know how to make a meaningful change in a child’s life and get that wonderful sense of achievement today.

Gift of Life volunteers have their say:

Nadia, 36, social activist: “For me volunteering is an attempt to answer the question “What to do with all this love?”. First of all, it is pure joy! It is a chance to share my time, strength, warmth and care. The ability to change someone’s life to the good. This is what I do for others, but also for myself. It is a chance to show the best of myself and see it in the others too.”

Mary, 32, marketing specialist: “Volunteering with Gift of Life shifted my priorities. Seeing kids and their families fighting for life makes a lot of uncertainties and minor obstacles in my life to fade away. I adopted a more positive approach to life, focusing on people I care about and things I like doing most. I honestly believe that volunteering made me happier.”