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Vital medicine for Kamil

Kamil Ismailov

Date of birth: October 15, 2010

Residence: Lobnya, Moscow Oblast

Diagnosis: Thalassaemia

Seven-year-old Kamil has a very rare illness called thalassaemia, which interferes with the production of haemoglobin. He was diagnosed with it when he was only a year old. Tragically, Kamil has been forced to spend nearly his entire childhood in hospital, at the Dmitry Rogachev Centre for Paediatric Haematology. Though the Centre is nothing like an ordinary hospital, the charming, bright and cheerful Kamil hasn’t had the chance have fun or go to kindergarten or school—in other words, to do any of the things that kids his age should.

Complications of cancer treatment

Now, in order to get better, Kamil needs a bone marrow transplant. A donor has already been found and the transplant is due to take place very soon. Until then, his illness has to be kept at bay using a plethora of medicines and repeated blood transfusions from the donor. But the constant transfusions come with a serious complication, creating an excess of iron which gets deposited in various organs and tissues and interferes with their work. This is especially bad for the liver and the heart.

Helping to save Kamil

In order to help his liver work properly, Kamil can take the highly effective modern medicine “Defitelio”. There’s just one catch—the medicine is very expensive. A few courses will cost Kamil’s parents £50,000! A family with a child who’s been severely ill for a very long time doesn’t have that kind of money. That’s why we are raising funds for Kamil, and hoping to gather £10,000 or more to pay for one of the Defitelio courses he needs.

The boy’s birthday is in a month, on 15 October, and your support will be the best present for Kamil. Thank you ever so much for your kind donation.