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Azalia Nurgalina, Moscow region

Diagnosis – Immunodeficiency

Meet eight-year-old Azalia from the Moscow region. At the age of two Azalia began suffering from frequent respiratory infections with severe complications a medical examination confirmed she had a serious disorder – immunodeficiency.

Since 2015, Azalia has been undergoing treatments at the Dmitry Rogachev Centre in Moscow. In spring 2020, Azalia needed a course of a modern antiviral medication Foscavir, unavailable in Russia. The course cost £7,100. Azalia’s parents would not have been able to pay for it without the support of the Gift of Life’s donors, the cost being prohibitive for an ordinary Moscow family where an average annual salary is around £5,000.

This medicine was an invaluable part Azalia’s therapy, helping her go into remission in April 2020. Since then, Azalia has been happily at home with her mum and dad.

Now Azalia is doing well. She likes studying and managed to complete the first grade programme on home schooling. She very much looks forward to going to school in September if the doctors allow her.

Azalia loves animals and is fond of drawing. She loves the sea and sea life and her dream is to one day go deep-sea diving.

We are incredibly thankful to you for supporting Azalia’s treatment. Azalia’s mother, Laysan, thanks all the donors of the charity too and sends wishes of speedy recovery to all children.

“May all young patients of Gift of Life stay strong and beat the disease. Despite the serious illnesses, life is precious, and there are so many caring and kind people around you.”

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