Support children with cancer

Every gift matters

Without your help, we cannot continue providing children and young people in Russian hospitals with life-saving medicine otherwise unavailable in the country.

Every month Gift of Life invests thousands of pounds in covering children’s pharmaceutical needs and saving young lives thanks to generosity of our donors. Would you join us in the fight with child cancer?


Our goal is to raise £10,000. This can mean so much to our patients:

  • £10,000 helps us to cover the costs of one treatment of radioactive iodine-131, which is used in MIBG-therapy to treat neuroendocrine tumours, such as neuroblastoma
  • £10,000 pays for ten vials of Erwinase for the treatment of patients with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia
  • £10,000 helps to pay for twenty vials of Defitelio, a drug which supports liver function after a bone marrow transplant

£10,000 has already helped children like Innokentiy, Arina and Kirill:

Support the medicine fund for our patients today. This invaluable monetary reserve allows us to react quickly as the need arises.