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Rewarded with a smile

Vanya Usov, Belorechensk

Diagnosis – Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia

Thanks to your kind help, in 2019 four-year-old Vanya from Belorechensk, a town in the south of Russia, received life-saving treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, the most common cancer in children.

For three months prior to treatment, Vanya was persistently suffering from respiratory infections. Neither antiviral therapy nor inhalations helped him feel better. His physical condition deteriorated rapidly until he developed severe abdominal pain and a more complete examination gave results every parent dreads, confirmation that Vanya was suffering from blood cancer.

The Illness requires long and intensive treatment, and Vanya was lucky enough to be admitted to the leading paediatric cancer clinic in Russia – the Dmitry Rogachev Centre in Moscow. Vanya had chemotherapy and radiotherapy followed by a bone marrow transplant from his father. Some funding for Vanya’s treatment was provided by the state; however, it couldn’t cover all the medicines necessary to treat post-transplant complications. Such medications as Cidofovir and Probenecid are still unavailable in Russia now, and back in 2019 it was Gift of Life that purchased them for Vanya thanks to our donors’ kind support. A full treatment cost £3,270.

Vanya is six years old now. He spends his days drawing, doing crafts and modelling and playing with Lego. Vanya is very attached to his older brother Vladislav, who supports him in everything be it games or pre-school studying.

Only the need to take regular tests every three months reminds Vanya of his illness. Visiting hospitals is still a difficult experience for Vanya because of all he had to suffer during the leukaemia treatment. Such extensive treatment would a huge burden even for an adult, let alone a child.

Telling us about Vanya, his mother Tatiana sent her best wishes of speedy recovery to all children under the Gift of Life’s care. She hopes that the days of therapy will soon be a matter of the past for them.

“Unfortunately, many parents in Russia can’t pay for their child’s cancer treatment. Only charities can support such families and change their lives for the better. Many thanks to all generous donors who helped Vanya and continue to support other families!”

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