Polina feels great!

Our little patient, three-year-old Polina from Yaroslavl, is doing very well thanks to your support.

Last March, you helped us raise £10,779 to buy cancer drug Oncaspar for Polina. She needed this medication during treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. Polina received several courses of the drug and tolerated it well.

Polina is now undergoing a supportive therapy programme at a clinic in Yaroslavl which will last until the end of September 2021: she spends two weeks in the hospital receiving treatment, then she recovers at home for six weeks.

Supportive therapy helps to control potential residual tumour clones, as well as maintaining remission and reducing the risk of relapse.

Natalya, Polina’s mother, is protecting her daughter from unnecessary contacts to minimise the risk of coronavirus infection. Polina must avoid catching viral diseases in order to stay on track with her ongoing supportive therapy. Therefore, Polina celebrated New Year’s Eve in a close family circle with her parents and brother. She and her brother are twins so they never get bored! They play together, go sledging, make snowmen and work up an appetite. By the way, Polina’s appetite is excellent, and that’s a sure sign of recovery!

We cannot thank you enough for giving this precious gift to Polina and her family – the gift of life!

Cancer hasn’t paused for lockdown and your help is now needed more than ever so that Gift of Life can continue supporting young patients in their fight with this dangerous illness.

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