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Help children beat cancer

Gift of Life and friends support an appeal #ракнеуходитнакарантин / No Quarantine For Cancer

We raise vital funds to pay for most effective foreign medications to treat cancer in children and young adults of up to 25 year old in Russian clinics.

Why foreign medications?

From day one Gift of Life tried to eliminate currency exchange fees and guarantee quick and reliable access to the stock when purchasing vital foreign medications for patients in Russia.

This approach paid off – Gift of Life has eventually become a key provider of many foreign medications for children and young adults in Russian hospitals.

The major cost of all

Foreign medications account for over 70% of our annual expenses and remain our main focus. The list of drugs bought for children under Gift of Life’s care includes but is not limited to Erwinase, Foscavir, Oncaspar, Defitelio, Ixoten.

Gift of Life works hard to reach its primary goal – to raise £3 million in annual donations. This sum would cover completely the costs of foreign drugs for children in our care throughout the whole year.

We need your support today

Although we do not speak out much about the COVID-19 effect on cancer clinics and doctors we work with in Russia. Because we genuinely believe that positive news and peace of mind serve you, our donors and friends, better.

But we ask you to support and donate today so doctors can treat, and children can receive their cancer treatment on time. Waiting until the pandemic is a matter of the past would be a luxury. We simply cannot risk children’s lives.

Donate what you can and spread the word across your friends, colleagues, and social media channels. Thank you!