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Mukhamed needs your help

UPDATE – £12,785 has been raised for Mukhamed. Thank you very much for your support and donations!

Mukhamed (Mukhammadkarim) Akhmedov

Date of birth: 5 June 2016

Diagnosis: Thalassemia

Mukhamed needs your help to beat the disease and to grow up to become a doctor. Please help him to stay alive to fulfil his dream, a course of Defitelio at £9,670 could save his life.


Five-year-old Mukhamed likes playing toy cars (his favourite is a double-decker bus) and making funny animals from Play-doh. His biggest dream is to become a doctor to cure everyone who falls ill. Now Mukhamed needs help himself.

When Mukhamed was only two years old he was diagnosed with Thalassemia. His family was devastated. In addition to the dangerous diagnosis, his parents faced another problem – there wasn’t sufficient treatment available in his local town of Yaroslavl. So for the past three years he’s been treated at the leading paediatric oncology and haematology clinics in Moscow, supported by Gift of Life.

Thalassemia is an inherited blood disorder that causes patient’s body to have less haemoglobin than normal. More severe forms of this condition like Mukhamed’s can be fatal. The only solution to save him is to have stem cell transplantation.

Transplantation and Defitelio to save Mukhamed

Mukhamed’s unrelated donor was found in Germany after his older brother and sister didn’t match. The transplantation has been scheduled for this week. This treatment is the only life-saving chance left for Mukhamed.

To overcome one of the most serious risks associated with allogeneic stem cell transplant (hepatic veno-occlusive disease) Mukhamed must undergo a course of Defitelio – a modern, effective, low toxic medication. Unfortunately, this essential medication is unavailable in Russia.

The cost of 20 vials of Defitelio for Mukhamed is £9,670. The state funding does not cover this expensive medicine, and his family would not be able to pay for it on their own. With Mukhamed’s mum looking after him in hospital and only his dad working in construction as a breadwinner for the family of five, this cost is absolutely beyond their reach. We ask you to donate today and support Mukhamed’s vital treatment.

Please give Mukhamed a chance to beat the disease and grow up!