Help baby Milana survive immunodeficiency resources

Milana Yazikova

Date of birth: 2 April 2019

Residence: Lipetsk, Russia

Diagnosis: Immunodeficiency (haemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis)

With your help Gift of Life is hoping to raise £5,000 for a course of Foskavir for 14-month-old Milana. Donate now.

Milana is a wonderful, sweet child with a slightly wary and sorrowful gaze. It’s not surprising, given the many terrible trials she’s had to go through almost since the day of her birth. However, her beloved mother has always been by her side, without fail, ready to do anything for her only, long-awaited daughter.

Milana fell ill two months after she was born. The doctors couldn’t understand what was wrong with her. They didn’t have any explanation for her agitation or her sudden fevers. Mother and daughter went from hospital to hospital to get the slightest clue as to what was going on. Then Milana ended up in intensive care.

Fortunately, she found herself at the Dmitry Rogachev Centre for Paediatric Haematology. There, she was diagnosed with haemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis, a rare, severe blood disorder. The doctors’ words terrified her parents, taking away their remaining hopes that everything would sort itself out and life would go back to normal. But on the positive side, the accurate diagnosis allowed the doctors to instantly identify the right course of treatment. A difficult one, inevitably, but it at least stopped Milana’s condition from getting worse. The key step was going to be a bone marrow transplant; there is no way to overcome such a serious illness without it, especially at such a young age.

Bone marrow transplant and Foskavir to save Milana

The transplant took place in April, with her father as a donor, and at first, there was tentative hope that the illness had been cured. But sadly, the transplant didn’t take. Now, Milana must be made ready for a new operation, this time with her mother donating. On top of all other concerns, Milana’s body needs additional protection now that it has been weakened by extremely intense treatment. For antiviral therapy, she needs Forscavir, a medication not registered for sale in Russia. A full course costs roughly £5,000.

We are now seeking donations to cover this cost to help Milana get better. Let’s bring a smile to her face, and drive all sorrow, pain, and fear far away! Donate now.