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Foreign medications

Foreign medications is one of Podari Zhizn’s international programmes actively supported by Gift of Life.

Initially our charity was established for a practical reason. We tried to eliminate currency exchange fees and guarantee quick and reliable access to the stock, when purchasing vital foreign medications for our patients. This approach paid off – Gift of Life has eventually become a key provider of such medications for kids and young adults in Russia.

The major cost of all

Foreign medications account for over 80% of our annual programme expenses. The list of medications being bought for children under Gift of Life and Podari Zhizn’s care includes Defitelio, Foscavir, Erwinase, Idarubicin, Noxafil, Cresemba, Qarziba, Cidofovir, Probenicid and others.

Gift of Life also covers other programmes, for instance, international specialists and bone marrow transplant. However, foreign medications unavailable in Russia for various reasons definitely remain our main focus.

How much we need

While running ongoing appeals to fund foreign medications, Gift of Life works really hard to reach its primary goal – to raise £800,000 in annual donations. This sum would cover completely the costs of foreign drugs for Podari Zhizn patients throughout the whole year.

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Infographic by Oxana Kostromina