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Long awaited remission for Kirill

Kirill Fedorov, Stavropol

Diagnosis – acute lymphoblastic leukaemia

We can’t thank you enough for your support of our 16-year-old patient Kirill from Stavropol in the south of Russia.

Kirill enjoyed a happy childhood, he liked Transformers, superheroes and showed interest in IT, as well as robotics class at school. But back in 2012 Kirill suddenly fell ill. He had serious problems with his joints and was treated for rheumatic pain. Further tests were done, and a heart-breaking diagnosis was revealed – Kirill had blood cancer. It’s acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, the most common cancer in children.

In the eight years since, Kirill has gone through extensive treatment for his condition. After CAR-T cell therapy did not give the result the doctors were hoping for, Kirill had a relapse. It was treated by high-dose chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant from a related donor – from his mum.

In order for Kirill to have his transplant done, he had to undergo prior treatment with a rare and expensive medicine Besponsa, sadly unavailable in Russia. The cost of a single vial of this medicine was £11,422. Without Gift of Life’s support, Kirill’s parents would not have been able to pay for it.

It’s been over two years since the transplantation took place, and doctors confirmed long-awaited remission just recently. It’s truly wonderful news for Kirill’s family, and all our donors and supporters.

Since Kirill’s physical condition has massively improved, he’s managed to pass school exams and he’s now a high school student, finishing in just a year’s time! He is still interested in IT studies and hopes to further develop his knowledge in this field. Thank you very much for the chance for Kirill to beat cancer and fulfil his dreams and plans.

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