A charity evening with Ksenia Rappoport raised £5000 for children in Gift of Life’s care

On 23 June 2019, a charity evening with famous actress Ksenia Rappoport at ZIMA Russian Restaurant in Soho raised £5000 in aid of children with cancer and serious blood diseases in Russia.

Ksenia was on her visit to London with Maly Drama Theatre (Theatre of Europe) performing Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov staged by Lev Dodin.

Ksenia Rappoport and Alexander Kan

In conversation with Alexander Kan, the BBC Russian Services presenter and journalist, Ksenia observed her recent film and theatre roles both in Russia and Europe, explained different attitude to Chekov’s plays between the UK and Russian public, and, of course, highlighted the non-profit initiatives which she has been passionately supporting for years squeezing charity work in her very tight schedule.

Ksenia with Vadim Levin, Alexander Kan and Lyuba Galkina

Ksenia Rappoport: “With no doubt, it is crucial to express the importance of charity work by the means of cinema, and this is what my colleagues are doing today. For example. Chulpan Khamatova (actress and co-founder of Podari Zhizn, sister charity to Gift of Life) played Liza Glinka [Russian humanitarian worker and charity activist – Editor], and I hope this film will let us know more about the life of this remarkable person.”

Not so long ago Chulpan and Katya Gordeeva [journalist and trustee of Podari Zhizn – Editor] released an amazing book called Time to Break the Ice. The book is an incredible driver to support fundamental charity work in Russia. Regardless of all struggles and pains, helping those in great need gives you greater happiness and joy.  

All money raised at the evening will go towards paying for a vital drug for little Dzhansu Allakberova. Seven-year-old Dzhansu is suffering from thalassaemia, a hereditary illness that interferes with haemoglobin synthesis. Dzhansu has recently received a bone marrow transplant from an unrelated donor, and this drug will help to avoid serious complications which often occur after the transplant procedure.  

Thanks to the support of Ksenia, Alexander and the generosity of the guests of the evening Dzhansu received vital care on time.

Ksenia with Ekaterina Kashintseva, Lyuba Galkina and Marina Mosyakova

Guests of the evening

The evening was supported by Gift of Life trustee Vadim Levin who kindly covered all costs.

The charity also expresses its gratitude to ZIMA Russian Restaurant, Zima Magazine and Artisan du Chocolat for their support to make it an unforgettable event.

Photo credit: Tania Naiden