Help Kirill beat leukaemia

Kirill Traschenko, 10 years old

Diagnosis: acute lymphoblastic leukaemia

Help Kirill beat cancer and stay alive. He’s an only child, and his mum Maria appeals for your support so Kirill can get a life-saving treatment with a course of Defitelio at £9,712 (11,450 Euro).


Kirill is ten, and likes computer games and drawing and is well-known at his hospital for playing hide and seek with the other children. He misses his pet chihuahua Semyon and dreams of going home to his family and his beloved dog; Kirill’s mum Maria says the most difficult thing in her son’s treatment is being far from home and separated from family and support networks. There isn’t the sufficient expertise in Kirill’s hometown near Krasnodar to treat his complex case, so Kirill and Maria are in Moscow at the Dmitry Rogachev Centre, the leading paediatric cancer clinic. It’s really helped that Kirill has made new friends at the hospital, helping him get through this frightening and stressful time. Intensely, both mum and son pray for a speedy recovery.

Kirill got ill in March 2017. He has the most common type of cancer in children – acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. This cancer commonly requires chemotherapy, but Kirill’s case is different. A standard treatment (by Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia Treatment Protocol Moscow-Berlin) did not help, and Kirill had a relapse in March 2020.

Transplantation and Defitelio to save Kirill

The only chance for Kirill was a bone marrow transplant. After the first sadly unsuccessful attempt, the second transplant was performed just few days ago. Kirill is now recovering from this physically draining procedure and faced another life-threatening challenge, which is a serious post-transplant complication affecting Kirill’s liver called hepatic veno-occlusive disease.

To overcome it, Kirill urgently needs a course of Defitelio – a modern, effective, low toxic medication. Unfortunately, this essential drug is unavailable in Russia and costs a prohibitive amount for the family to self-fund. You can help them though – even a little amount will contribute to the £9,712 needed for the prescribed 20 vials that Kirill needs. Unfortunately, state funding does not cover this expensive medicine, so we reach out to you today to ask you to donate and help Kirill and his mum Maria withstand this serious trial.

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