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Help Inna beat leukaemia

UPDATE – over £14,430 has been raised to pay for Inna’s vital treatment. Thank you very much to all who donated and supported this appeal!

Inna Khalimova, 6 years old

Diagnosis: acute lymphoblastic leukaemia

Help Inna beat cancer and stay alive. Inna’s parents cannot pay for her life-saving treatment with a course of Defitelio at £14,430 (16,980 Euro). Their only hope is the help of the charity.


Meet Inna. She is six, and likes doing crafts, drawing, building Lego cities, and riding a scooter with other children. She dreams of going to the seaside where her days would be filled with collecting beautiful pebbles and basking in the sun. For that to happen Inna needs to overcome a treatment for life-threatening disease – acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, the most common type of cancer in children.

Inna got ill in 2018 when she was only three years old. A standard treatment (by Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia Treatment Protocol Moscow-Berlin 2015) given to Inna at the Children’s Regional Clinical Hospital in Perm improved her condition but could not cure her completely. A relapse happened in December 2021. Inna was admitted to the Dmitry Rogachev Centre, the leading paediatric cancer clinic in Moscow to overcome targeted therapy and bone marrow transplant.

Inna’s father Bari takes care of her at the hospital while her mum Anna looks after Inna’s younger brothers. Bari says Inna endures all medical procedures without fear or complaint. Inna knows that this is necessary for her recovery. She is very homesick and misses her mum and brothers a lot.  Everyday Inna’s three younger brothers make video calls to cheer her up a bit. Two older brothers of Inna stay connected with her too.

Transplantation and Defitelio for Inna

Doctors had to perform a bone marrow transplant on Inna. The donor was one of the older brothers. It really speeds things up with transplantation if there is a genetically matching sibling in patient’s family able to become a donor.

Transplantation took place a week ago. It’s a physically draining procedure, so Inna needs to rest a lot at the moment. She also must receive supporting therapy to overcome serious post-transplant complication affecting her liver – hepatic veno-occlusive disease.

Doctor Julia Abugova confirmed that Inna’s case is not quite standard. It requires extra care and expensive medication to deal with veno-occlusive disease to avoid a destroying effect on Inna’s liver. To deal with the condition a modern, highly effective, low toxic medication Defitelio must be distributed to Inna continuously at this stage – initially for prevention, and for treatment in case of the escalation of this life-threatening condition.

Unfortunately, Defitelio is unavailable in Russia and must be ordered from abroad. Gift of Life can purchase it in Germany and deliver to the clinic in Moscow for Inna. This is the only way to save Inna’s life as state funding does not cover for this rare medication and the girl’s family has no financial means to self-fund such an expensive treatment. A course of three packs of Defiletio (30 vials) costs £14,430.

Please give Inna a chance to receive this vital treatment to beat leukaemia!