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Give the Gift of Life this festive season

If you are lost with what to give family and friends this festive season, look no further. An amazingly simple gift, which will shine the brightest and have a lasting impact for years and years to come.

Donate the cost of a card or present and instead send your loved one a heartfelt digital card, explaining you have given a gift of life this year.

 How it works:

  • Donate to this appeal via the Donate button just above or using this link
  • Receive a link with a .PDF card to your email
  • Share it with your nearest and dearest in place of a physical present
  • Or post it on social media, telling your followers about the important work of Gift of Life and how you helped save lives.

By abandoning meaningless gifts and last-minute panic-buys, you can make a huge difference to children fighting severe oncological and haematological illnesses in Russia and give the most precious gift of all – the gift of life.

In the 10 years since its inception, Gift of Life has helped over 500 children and young adults with cancer and other blood diseases. Every pound makes a huge difference when we’re raising funds to purchase vital medication and give our young patients a chance of life.

£100 pays for one pack of Probenecid, a medication which supports kidney function during cancer treatment

£250 pays for one vial of Foscavir which is often prescribed as part of antiviral therapy after a bone marrow transplant

£500 pays for one vial of Defitelio, a drug which support liver function after a bone marrow transplant


Give the Gift of Life today.