Gift of Life friends for children with cancer

UPD – the campaign has raised over £23,000 in donations for children with cancer and serious blood diseases in Russian clinics. Read the story HERE.

Gift of Life’s sister organization, Podari Zhizn celebrates its 14th anniversary on November, 26th 2020.

We invite everyone to join our online campaign and celebrate the birthday of Podari Zhizn.


Our goal is to raise £20,000 and create a medicine fund for our patients. This invaluable monetary reserve allows us to react quickly as the need arises.

Of course no one gets sick on schedule, and with sufficient funds in the charity’s account we can move quickly to cover an individual child’s pharmaceutical needs and help save someone’s life!

Fundraising ideas 

Don’t let COVID -19 and strict social distancing rules stop you from joining the cause; be creative and use your imagination finding new ways to raise funds! You can bake a cake for sale, teach a Zoom yoga class or do a tour of your neighborhood for friends.

Alternatively ask those you know to sponsor your challenge – run a half marathon in a nearby park or take a trekking route that has been postponed for a long time. Any of your endeavors can raise funds to support children and young adults with cancer in Russia!

Our gift to you 

And to make it even more fun, we’re adding in some amazing surprises for our fundraisers! The first five participants raising £1,000 will receive a gift from the charity and will be invited to the meeting with Nika Belotserkovskaya, Gift of Life patron. Nika is the publisher of magazine, author of many culinary bestsellers, a popular blogger and an experienced magician.

Nika will share her secrets on creating unique recipes, will give tips for photographing and maintaining a successful profile on Instagram and will share the secrets of fortune telling on cards tarot and the domestication of luck.

Together we can make great things possible and give children hope for a brighter future!

Join the campaign HERE