Badwater 135 for Sergei

After all the races I have done I started struggling to find something truly challenging. And here it comes badwater 135 ultra marathon. When I read about it first time few years ago, I could not believe I would ever dare attempting it. Not only it is tough to its core, it had one of the most competitive entry requirements (one has to complete at least three 100 mile races to be allowed to enter the selection process where applications are reviewed and ranked by more than 5 independent juries) and every competitor has to have a support crew with at least 2 people. The race is 135 miles long and is held in the Death Valley, the hottest place in the northern hemisphere at the hottest time of the year. The whether forecast for the race day is sunny with 48 degrees during the day and 33 at night. Also I will need to climb 4 thousand meters.

While trying to find a great cause to raise money I stumbled upon the page with fundraiser for a boy with leukaemia who is scheduled to have a surgery after 6 months in the hospital. The bill he needs to pay is not something his family can afford with father taking care of 3 kids alone. This opportunity to help him will definitely help me going at the most difficult times and hopefully extreme hard work I put into preparation for this race will pay off into something bigger – somebody’s else life!

His name is Sergei like me and you can read more about him on the fundraising page.