31 MAY 2013

Yegor needs help! (money has been raised)



We are deeply grateful to the donors who transferred money for Yegor’s medicine! “Erwinase” has been purchased, and Yegor will start receiving the treatment shortly. We wish him the swiftest possible recovery!


Dear friends,

We are appealing to you for help on behalf of ten-year old Yegor Kryker from Orenburg. Yegor is suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, and right now he needs 4 packs of Erwinase. With your help, we hope to gather the £12,000 we need to buy this medicine.

More than anything else, Yegor loves his home. Unfortunately, he spends much less time there than he’d like. This is his third time suffering from leukaemia.

The first time was in 2005. Not long before, his father had died in a car accident, and now Yegor doesn’t remember his father or his first bout of leukaemia. After a year of treatment, the illness went into remission, but returned in 2009. Once again he had to endure the likes of paracentesis, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. This is when he found himself with an extremely acute allergy to Asparginase, the primary drug for leukaemia treatment. He needed several medicines that weren’t registered in Russia in order to live, and hundreds of people helped gather the money for them. Yegor recovered and went home a second time.

He went to school, became a top student, and came to believe in his health and play outside with his friends. The doctors permitted him to get a dog, Gosha the dachshund. But the illness’s return this spring was a real tragedy for Yegor and his mother. He is back in hospital, and it is already clear that he will need a long period of treatment. What he needs most right now are 4 packs of Erwinase, since previous treatments have established that this is the only medicine that can help him. Yegor works hard to keep his spirits up, and even reassures his mother. In his words, “I’ll get better and we will go home.” But without the aid of our donors, he won’t go back there, won’t hug Gosha the dachshund, won’t finish school, won’t get better…

Please support Yegor and help us buy Erwinase for him.

You can help Yegor by going to our website at

Please write “Donation for Erwinase” as the intended purpose of the payment.