Volunteer, Projects Coordinator

Marina Mosyakova is a marketing communications specialist and a Gift of Life volunteer. She lives in London with her partner.

Why did you start doing charity work?
Before I found about Gift of Life I never thought of working for a charity. Then a close friend introduced me to an idea of opening a sister charity of Podari Zhizn in London. I thought it was full of potential. Clearly Gift of Life could grow into a success, and I had time and skills to contribute. The charity has passed the first milestone – a year of operations – and I am proud to be part of it.

How has working on the foundation’s behalf changed you?
Working for Gift of Life has shifted my priorities to some extent. When I see kids and their families fighting for life, much of what I consider to be troubles just fades out. I started to believe that it is unfair to complain about life when you are a healthy person with caring family and friends. I feel that volunteering for Gift of Life has simply made me happier.