Our director and trustee, Simon Jennings along with his wife Frances visited Dmitry Rogachev Centre for Paediatric Haematology in Moscow last week. They met Sergei and Ovhannes, children who have had surgery performed by Dr Ingo Melcher, thanks to donations to Gift of Life

Nothing describes the experience more than Simon’s words:

“We were impressed beyond measure by the clinic and by the dedication of the staff and the enthusiasm which was so evident in every part of the clinic. It is a place of light, when much must seem to be as darkness for the patients and for their families. The care given to the children and the hope given to their families is very precious and the sympathy and imagination showed – in the play rooms, in the toy scanner, in the school and in the accommodation provided for the families – are all shining examples of something which is a real centre of excellence.
May God bless the work carried on and may all be encouraged to support this truly magnificent endeavour. Frances wants to recognise in particular the work of Professor Alexander Karachyunski with the oncology team in creating a data base for cancer patients throughout Russia.”