Lyuba Galkina is a marketing consultant with over 15 years of experience. She built a successful career in top management of such blue-chip international companies as Pepsi Cola and Nike in Russia and Europe. She graduated from Moscow State University with a PhD in Economics.

Lyuba has been Trustee & Director of Gift of Life since 2011. Husband Igor and daughter Nika wholeheartedly support Lyuba’s involvement into the charity. Being a member of Tate’s Russia and Eastern European Acquisition Committee, Lyuba is a great admirer and passionate collector of contemporary art. Lyuba also enjoys reading and travelling the world.

Why do you feel the need to help others and support charities?

There is always someone not so lucky out there, who needs help. So, helping people and supporting charities is natural to me. I feel honored to dedicate a significant part of my life to charities, particularly Gift of Life.

Why did you choose Gift of Life?

I supported Podari Zhizn, Gift of Life’s sister charity, long before I moved to the UK. Building charity’s presence in the UK and raising funds for children with cancer was challenging and fascinating at the same time. State borders mean nothing when it comes to cancer. Be it here in the UK or in Russia, a child’s life is precious, and every parent suffers seeing their child sick. To me helping children get back to normal and enjoy just being kids again is a great joy and a reward. It is truly beyond words.

What inspires you to work with the charity?

My inspiration is in people involved and related to everything we do at Gift of Life: children, parents, doctors, colleagues, volunteers, friends we already have, and those who become our friends along this challenging and yet very rewarding path.

What would you say to people considering supporting Gift of Life as donors or volunteers?

Any kind of help and support is welcomed and greatly appreciated at Gift of Life. Whatever it is — your time, skills, a small donation or a significant one – all counts and helps us to achieve a greater result. With Gift of Life you can make a real difference and save lives. It speaks for itself!

What would you say to children who are being treated for cancer?

We love you and will do our best to help you. Be brave!