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Arina Gaba is Director of Fundraising in Podari Zhizn, Gift of Life’s sister charity in Russia. Trustee & Director of Gift of Life since 2011.

Arina’s career in the third sector started in 2001 with a position of Assistant at Development Department of WWF-Russia. She left the global charity being Director of Corporate Fundraising and Marketing and joined Podari Zhizn as Deputy Executive Director on Special Projects and International Fundraising in 2010.

Vast 15 years’ experience and brilliant understanding of the charity sector help Arina to develop successful fundraising projects for Podari Zhizn, including international fundraising activities with Gift of Life.

Arina resides in Moscow with her partner and a grown-up son, but travels extensively. She also enjoys reading, singing and experiencing art and culture.

How did it all start with Gift of Life?

When I joined Podari Zhizn the first challenge was to develop a sustainable programme of international fundraising. Considering that one of Podari Zhizn co-founders Dina Korzun moved to London and a vital cancer medicine called Erwinase was exclusively supplied from the UK, establishing a fundraising arm in London was a natural move. That is how Gift of Life came to life as an independent charity and Podari Zhizn’s partner foundation.

What inspires you to work with Gift of Life?

I am lucky to work with amazing people whose big hearts, incredible motivation and restless energy make impossible possible every day. It is a privilege to be part of such a great team of professionals who manage to achieve great results with very limited resources day after day.

What would you say to children who are being treated for cancer?

Be strong and fight for your life. It is the most precious gift in the entire world!