GoL photo - Alexei Stephenson (1)_edited


Alexei Stephenson has been helping Gift of Life as a translator and proofreader since 2012. First, he worked as the charity’s website coordinator and then as a freelance translator.

Alexei’s bilingualism comes from his family. He was born in Russia, and moved to England at the age of eight. Alexei has MSc Japanese Studies degree, and his interests include reading, creative writing, as well as geeky hobbies, such as board games, video games and anime, which he even translated in the past.

What inspires you to work with Gift of Life?

I can take an activity I already love on its own terms—translation—and use it to help save actual lives. If that isn’t magical, I don’t know what is.

How has supporting Gift of Life changed your own life?

I’ve found a lot of inspiration in reading the words of children who survived cancer with Gift of Life’s help. They’re living proof that human beings are not only capable of overcoming great trials, but of gaining amazing inner strength and wisdom from the experience. In addition, everything about Gift of Life serves as a reminder that kindness isn’t just a feeling but a force that can radically change people’s lives, and that it does so every day.

What would you say to people considering supporting this charity?

Helping a child in need means your kindness ripples out into the future for a whole lifetime, touching every person whom that child shows kindness in turn. Taking part in Gift of Life’s work isn’t just about saving individual lives (which is a miracle in itself), but also about steadily transforming the world around us into something better.

What would you say to children who are being treated for cancer?

Don’t forget that feeling weak isn’t the same as being weak. Just by making it this far, by enduring in the face of fear and pain, you’ve proved that you have strength beyond that of any ordinary person. No matter how hard the road ahead may be, all you have to do is keep going, just like you have so far, and that strength will carry you to victory.