02 JUNE 2014

Songs that save lives

On the 31st of May “The Time Machine” held a grand concert, dedicated to its 45th anniversary in Luzhniki, Moscow. There was no entrance fee, but everybody could make a donation. All proceeds from the event – around 23,000 pounds – will go to Russian children with cancer under the care of the Podari Zhizn foundation.

We want to congratulate the legendary group with the anniversary and such an incredible number of friends! Thanks to everyone who came to the concert and supported our foundation. Our volunteers were there with the donation boxes and everyone who made a donation, received a memorable ticket.

But most importantly, judging by the reviews from our volunteers and the spectators, everybody received lots of positive impressions. For the whole three hours, Luzhniki were full of people, energy and drive!

Once again, we are very proud and happy to be amongst friends of the legendary group. We can’t thank enough Andrei Makarevich, “The Time Machine”, concert organizers and all of the viewers for such a wonderful gift!