Donations, raised in the UK and across the globe go towards funding international programmes pursued jointly by Gift of Life and our sister charity Podari Zhizn in Russia. Foreign Medicines has always been the grand spending for the charity, with 74% of the funds allocated to purchasing cutting-edge anticancer medications in 2015-2016. As part of our commitment to financial transparency we regularly report on our performance and expenditures.

All money raised in the UK will be spent on projects pursued jointly by Gift of Life UK and its sister foundation in Russia.

Gift of Life in the UK primarily raises funds to support patients by carrying out searches of bone marrow donors in international registries and for purchases of medicines not yet registered in Russia.

All decisions concerning such expenses are made by Gift of Life’s Russian-based team of managers and trustees, which includes experts and specialists in child haematology and oncology.

All applications for financial aid made in the UK are sent to Russia for evaluation.