At present, Russia lacks experienced specialists capable of performing certain key surgical operations. Many of these, such as non-traumatic bone surgery capable of restoring cancer-impaired limbs, can make the difference between full recovery and a lifetime of disability. While such specialists can be found abroad, the significant costs of sending a child to another country for treatment mean that many children struggle to receive the care they need, even with the generous aid of our donors.

Working in partnership with the State Scientific and Clinical Centre for Children’s Haematology, Oncology and Immunology, the Gift of Life foundation has begun inviting leading foreign specialists to Russia to perform such operations on young cancer patients. As well as saving significant amounts of money and ensuring that more children can receive special treatments, this project allows Russian doctors to learn from their foreign counterparts for the duration of their visit. They gain the opportunity to study specialised techniques and advanced foreign technology, so that with every visitor the quality of Russia’s own medicine rises further.

Since the project’s start in March 2012, we have already been able to secure the participation of such renowned international experts as Ingo Melcher of the Centre for Musculoskeletal Surgery at the Charité University Hospital in Berlin, Germany. With your aid, we hope to bring many more specialists of their calibre to perform operations at the Centre. Eventually, this project will ensure that all Russian children with cancer can receive the treatment they need in Russia, without the difficulty and expense of having to travel abroad.