Pavel Morozov - Copy SQ


Pavel Morozov was born in Astrakhan, Russia. In 1999 moved to Moscow where he graduated from Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) as a journalist with a decent knowledge of Chinese. He started his career while studying in the state news agency ITAR-TASS and then developed his skills working in the State Duma (Russian Parliament), the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation and the Government of Russia (2001-2007), where he was responsible for public relations and various stakeholder engagement projects.

In 2007 he started his own practice in the field of public affairs and strategic communications. He was also a publisher of “Modern Telecom in Russia” – a magazine with exclusive experts’ comments regarding the dedicated market.

In 2010 he started his first company in the UK – Celebro Media which first developed as a consultancy entity. Afterwards, he developed some initiatives in public affairs and sustainable development fields in Britain.

In 2013 he moved to London and concentrated on Celebro Media growth as a company. Today it is an international holding operating TV studios in Moscow, London, Washington DC and Los Angeles, providing live broadcasting services to numerous media around the world and developing a number of new services for the market. Pavel also is working on creating an NGO – Celebro Foundation – which aim would be to provide access to multimedia technologies to those who need them and can’t afford.

Pavel’s and Gift of Life encounter happened when Celebro Media provided a full broadcasting support to Romeo & Juliet charity concert in the Royal Festival Hall in January 2017.

Why have you decided to become a Patron of the Gift of Life foundation?

“Collaboration with Gift of Life opened a whole new universe for me – you do not need sacks of money to do something really tangible in charity. To say more – I am quite sure that our core media business and technologies we are evolving can do a lot of good to fundraising process and other ways to support charity organizations. And we are already working out some of the ideas.

I can’t say enough how wonderful people in Gift of Life are and how I am enjoying every minute of communication with them. They really make you passionate about the good deeds needed – and this happens so naturally!

I truly value my status and experience and use any moment to deliver to my two gorgeous kids – how important it is to help those who are in need. This is a lesson every one of us should learn.”