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Dina Korzun is an actress, a co-founder of the Podari Zhizn and Gift of Life foundations, and the mother of an adult son and two young daughters.

What was your life like before co-founding Podari Zhizn?

Before then, I was just a mother and an actress, and these spheres of interest formed the limits of my life. After co-founding it, I felt that the limits disappeared. Now, I have a feeling of unbounded spaciousness, empathy and responsibility.

Why did you start doing charity work?

I’ve always found it natural to think of others and to help them. That is how my mother brought me up. So it’s not that something new happened in my life. Our foundation was born from the union of different people’s efforts and good will. I was lucky to meet like-minded people.

How has working on the foundation’s behalf changed you?

I’ve become more fearless, because it’s great to work hard, to help and to defend other people. When you only think about yourself, a selfish life is composed of a million problems – “I need this”, “I can’t manage that” and so on. But when you think about and take care of other people, life becomes a joyful activity. When problems get solved, it really inspires you and gives you new strength.