10 NOVEMBER 2016


Five-year old Vadim came down for treatment from Kaliningrad, where he loved to go to the zoo, walk by the sea and ride his bicycle.

Back home, Vadim used to go to kindergarten. He was friends with all the kids, and was the chief defender of the girls. He was also forced to leave behind his beloved hamster.

His acute lymphoblastic leukaemia was discovered during the winter, when he developed a fever that just wouldn’t go down. He was immediately sent to Moscow for treatment. However, soon after treatment began, it emerged that Vadim was allergic to the crucial medicine Asparginase. In order to continue his therapy, Vadim was bought 6 packs of Erwinase, and he began a full course. The medicine has helped him, and he is now feeling much better. He is still in hospital, but will be ready to go home soon.

Vadim’s dream is to recover and grow up to become a policeman or a rescue specialist. We hope that all his dreams come true.