10 NOVEMBER 2016


3-year old Polina lives with her parents and her two sisters, Valya and Marina, in a small village near the northern Russian city of Archangelsk. It is a wonderful place surrounded by forests in which you can gather berries and mushrooms, listen to birdsong, and sail boats on the river in summer.

Until March this year, Polina was a perfectly healthy girl. She went on many walks and played with her sisters. But then her temperature suddenly rose and refused to go down, and she developed a stomach ache. The frightened mother took her to the village daughter. The doctor, suspecting that something was very wrong, sent her to the nearest city hospital, and from there she was transferred to the Archangelsk clinic. After a number of scans, Polina was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

At first, treatment went smoothly, and a month later the doctors managed to bring Polina into remission. But then complications arose – she turned out to be extremely allergic to the primary medicine Asparginase, right in the middle of an injection. Polina went pale, started to cough and then to choke.

Because treatment must not be interrupted, Polina was urgently prescribed Erwinase, a medicine not registered in Russia. The Gift of Life foundation’s benefactors gathered the funds for the 10 packs of Erwinase she needed, including part of the funds gained from the charity auction organised by Sotheby’s auction house for the foundation’s beneficiaries.

Thank you very much! The medicine has already been delivered to Russia, and we really hope that it will help Polina, and that she will make a full recovery!