10 NOVEMBER 2016


Nonna Grigoryan is 12 years old. Before she fell ill, Nonna was an active and energetic girl successfully pursuing simultaneous studies in secondary and music schools—she even wrote her own musical pieces.

In September last year, Nonna suddenly developed a backache. At first, everyone thought that her backache was caused by rapid body growth, but then vertebral fracture occurred, and in the process of treating it, doctors discovered that this was the result of leukaemia. Nonna is currently undergoing a course of treatment in Moscow, which has been successful so far.

Recently Nonna started walking again after spending several months in bed. Every possible effort was made to help Nonna in her recovery— 10 packs of Erwinase were purchased with the funds collected for her in the UK. We thank everyone who helped us in this.

The treatment has been successful, and Nonna is now at home. She visits the hospital only to have check-ups, which show that the disease is gone. Nonna has come back to school, where she is receiving great grades.

She plans to become a lawyer, and we are confident that she will succeed. Her illness has tempered her and made her an incredibly determined girl!