10 NOVEMBER 2016


Natasha is an intelligent, talented 20-year old woman with many interests. She knows a fair amount of English and German, and even watches films in English. She also enjoys photography, loves music, and dances (at least until recently).

As well as her hobbies, Natasha has a primary occupation – she is a student in the Applied Mathematics and Information Technology Department at the Higher School of Economics. In addition to her studies, she also works there as a teaching assistant. Since Natasha came to Moscow to study from the little Udmurtian settlement of Balezino, she is living in student accommodation.

Natasha fell ill in late 2010. It started with pain in her leg, which interefered with her dancing. For a whole year, Natasha was incorrectly diagnosed, and as such wasn’t receiving the right treatment.

It was only in late 2011 that she received a CAT scan which revealed a bone tumour in her ankle. She needed surgery, and very complex surgery because by the time she was diagnosed the bone had been completely destroyed by the tumour. It was very important to perform the surgery while saving Natasha’s leg.

There was no specialist in Russia capable of performing such an operation, so the doctors of the Centre for Children’s Haematology invited a surgeon from the Berlin Charité clinic, the unmatched bone surgery specialist Ingo Melcher. His fee was paid using funds donated by Gift of Life’s benefactors.

In February 2012, Natasha was operated on twice, both times successfully. The tumour was removed, and the affected bone region regrown using a special formula. Now, Natasha is doing well, living in Moscow and continuing her studies. She regularly comes to the hospital for check-ups, and always visits the staff of our foundation.

Natasha and her family would like to express their extreme gratitude to all who helped her out in her time of need.