10 NOVEMBER 2016


Rita comes from the little town of Korkino in the Chelyabinsk Oblast, but in her eighteen years she has travelled a great deal of the world – Rita is a professional sportswoman, a member of Russia’s national triathlon team (swimming, cycling and running), and a winner of multiple Russian and foreign competitions, including the European Cup finals of 2011.

During a gathering in Greece in February of that year, Rita suddenly started to grow weak, and tests showed that she had acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. She was sent to Moscow’s Centre for Children’s Haematology for treatment.

In May, she developed a very strong allergy to Asparginase, the primary medicine for treating acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. Thus, she is now receiving Erwinase, purchased with money gathered by the Gift of Life foundation. Altogether, she has been bought 12 packs. Rita has received a full course of Erwinase treatment, gone into remission and even been temporarily allowed home for a good rest. She is now back at the clinic to resume rehabilitation therapy.

Now, Rita feels well, and dreams of recovering, returning to major-league sports, becoming an olympic champion, and then studying to become a photographer or a hairdresser, getting married and having many children. Let’s hope all her dreams come true.