10 NOVEMBER 2016


Nine-year old Madina Saralapova was the first child to receive support from Gift of Life. Payment for Madina’s medication was the first financial donation in 2011 made by the foundation, which means that our history of helping children with cancer began with Madina.

Madina was a great girl,  loved by many employees and volunteers of Gift of Life/Podari Zhizn. She was first diagnosed with leukaemia four years ago, at the age of five. Madina was treated at the Russian Children’s Clinical Hospital, made friends with our volunteers, painted, played, dreamt of recovering, and finally recovered. Madina returned home to the normal life of a child, started going to school and planned to learn dancing, and even designed a beautiful costume.

Unfortunately, the disease came back in March last year. Moreover, it was such a severe form of leukaemia that no medication could have stopped it. All possible modern methods of treatment were attempted on this girl. Charity funds collected money, and a variety of medicines, including Erwinase, were purchased for her.

Sadly, the disease turned out to be stronger. With great sorrow, we have had to come to terms with the loss of Madina. Madina died on 14th November 2011. We will always remember this beautiful and extraordinary girl.