10 NOVEMBER 2016


Lida Aloyan is a 14-year old girl from a large family. She has a twin sister, Yana, and a two-year old brother, Daniel. She was a healthy girl from the day she was born, and a joy to her parents. At the young age of two, she had already decided that music was her calling. She learned to sing before she could talk, and was gifted at it from the start. Naturally, Lida joined a music school, where she took her studies very seriously. Today, she is a successful student at both ordinary and music schools. She is a lively, passionate girl, with many friends who now support her during her hospital stay.

Lida fell ill in August 2013. She started to feel bad when she came back from a family trip to the seaside: a stomach ache was accompanied by a fever. She was hospitalised in her home town of Lipetsk, but she was so ill that she was urgently rushed by ambulance to Moscow’s Centre for Children’s Haematology. Diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, Lida’s condition was so severe that she was placed straight into intensive care, where she spent 19 days. This was a terrible time for her parents, who were told the honest truth: Lida’s situation was dire.

But through a combination of the doctors’ best efforts and Lida’s own will to live, she came through. According to her mother, Lida came out of intensive care with conviction that she would beat the disease. Lida is full of optimism, and assures her mother that she will recover for sure. While she will certainly get better, she needs our help to make it happen. Lida started out with standard treatment for her condition, but in October she suddenly developed an acute allergy to it. Treatment must not be interrupted, which means that Lida’s medicine must be replaced with Erwinase, a drug that is not registered in Russia and thus not paid for by the government. A full course will take 20 packs of Erwinase, with a total cost of £60,000. Lida’s family doesn’t have that kind of money – her mother isn’t working while she’s with Lida at the hospital, and her father is an artist whose income is nowhere near that level.

Money to buy life-saving medications for Lida were raised during the Gift of Life Old Russian New Year gala this year.

Lida now receives treatment and we very much hope that the drug will help Lida and wish her a full recovery.