10 NOVEMBER 2016


Karina was seven years old, and she came to Moscow from the town of Ostrogozhsk in the Voronezh Oblast. There, sh had many friends, an aquarium full of goldfish, and her school, where her favourite subject was maths.

Last year, Karina suddenly began to tire easily, refuse to eat and cough constantly. These were the first signs of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

At first, Karina received treatment not far from home, but after a relapse she was sent to the Centre for Children’s Haematology. In the process, Karina turned out to be allergic to the primary chemotherapy agent Asparginase, so she needed Erwinase instead. In June 2012, she was bought 4 packs of Erwinase with funds donated by Gift of Life’s benefactors.

To our deep regret, Karina developed an allergy to Erwinase as well. The doctors were forced to acknowledge that there was nothing more they could do. Karina came home, where she died at the end of August 2011. We will always remember her.