10 NOVEMBER 2016


Six-year old Dasha lives together with her parents in the small village of Staroye Ustinovo not far from Smolensk. Her parents think she’ll grow up to be an artist because she spends the whole day through drawing. She also loves to play with her dolls, feeding them, driving them around in a pram and changing their nappies. She says “I’m going to be a mummy”.

A year ago, Dasha fell ill, and after being bounced around several hospitals she received the correct diagnosis: acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

Dasha came to Moscow’s Dmitry Rogachev Centre for Children’s Haematology for treatment, but it wasn’t easy. She had to fight off infections, endure haemorrhaging and receive support from countless blood donors. At a certain point, she urgently needed the medicine Erwinase, and she received it in mid-February.  Upon receiving it, she felt wonderful.

In April, Dasha completed the intensive period of treatment, and in May she was ready to go home. Now she only needs to come to hospital for maintenance therapy.