10 NOVEMBER 2016


Two-year old Artyom comes from Perm, where he is currently undergoing treatment. He lives there with his mother and his twenty-year old sister Natasha, who dotes on her little brother. Artyom loves books, educational games, and toy cars of all sizes. He is also close friends with his cat Barsik, who helped him learn to crawl and then to walk, and now accompanies him in all his games.

Artyom fell ill in January. It all began with an odd limp. His frightened mother took him to the doctor’s, and while the initial explanation was a straightforward sprain, she insisted on a blood test. That is how they learned that Artyom had acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

When Artyom began receiving treatment in Perm, he turned out to be allergic to Asparginase, the primary medicine for his condition. That is why he was bought 5 packs of Erwinase in England, the medicine not being registered in Russia, and thus not available for sale.

Artyom has completed a full course of Erwinase treatment, and is now in remission. He is at home, and only comes to the hospital once every month and a half for scheduled check-ups. The doctors are happy with his condition, and we are very happy for him.