21 MARCH 2014

London Marathon 2014. Igor Khavlin.

Spring is the season of sports for charity and in various countries volunteers plan to run marathons to benefit Gift of Life! One of the stories is so unique and touching that we want to share it with you! On 13th of April, multiple-time champion of Russia, participant of the...

14 MARCH 2014

Matvey Nekrasov

Dear friends, thanks to your support, we were able to buy 10 packs of Erwinase for Matvey Nekrasov, who suffered from leukaemia since he was 5 years old. Now he is 8, fully recovered and back in native northern town of Koryazhma, where he can do what he likes most...

16 JANUARY 2014

Around £330,000 gathered in London on Old New Year’s Eve for children in Gift of Life’s care

On the 13th of January 2014, the Gift of Life foundation held its third charity evening and auction at the Savoy Hotel in London, in aid of children in the care of the Russian Podari Zhizn foundation. Thanks to the efforts of the charity auction participants, and the generous donations...

13 JANUARY 2014

A charity play in London starring Chulpan Khamatova has gathered £25,000 in aid of children with oncological and haematological diseases in the care of the Gift of Life and Podari Zhizn foundations.

On the 12th of January 2014, the Criterion Theatre, London, saw a charity performance of The Hour When You Leap Into Souls As Into Arms, starring Chulpan Khamatova in the lead role. The theatre was filled to capacity, with an audience of over 500, including the actress and co-founder of...

Looking Back on 2013

Dear friends, As we bid 2013 farewell, we would like to tell you what we’ve been able to accomplish in it thanks to your help, which is to say a great deal. As per tradition, the year began with a charity evening and auction, during which we gathered £330,000 in...

10 DECEMBER 2013

Verse and Music Give the Gift of Life

On the 12th of January 2014, Chulpan Khamatova's charity performance, "The Hour When You Leap Into Souls As Into Arms", will take place at the Criterion Theatre at the heart of London, supporting children in the care of the Podari Zhizn and Gift of Life foundations. "The Hour When You Leap...

30 JULY 2013

Doctor Ingo Melcher

Dr Ingo Melcher, head of the musculoskeletal surgery group of the Charité Campus Virchow clinic of the Humboldt University of Berlin, came to the Dmitry Rogachev Centre for Children's Haematology in early July 2013. Dr Melcher is a famous surgeon skilled in minimally invasive (non-traumatic) bone surgery techniques capable of...


The Fourth World Winners' Games, held on the 14th-16th of June 2013 at the CSKA stadium in Moscow, are now finished. The Winners' Games are an integral part of the Podari Zhizn foundation's rehabilitation programme. For the fourth year running, children from a wide variety of countries have gathered for...

31 MAY 2013

Yegor needs help! (money has been raised)

17.06.2013 We are deeply grateful to the donors who transferred money for Yegor's medicine! “Erwinase” has been purchased, and Yegor will start receiving the treatment shortly. We wish him the swiftest possible recovery! 31.05.2013 Dear friends, We are appealing to you for help on behalf of ten-year old Yegor Kryker...