21 FEBRUARY 2013

Opening of the “Vidimo-Nevidimo” exhibition

On the 16th of February, an exhibition named “Vidimo Nevidimo”, showcasing our children’s artworks, opened at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. It was preceded by a grand opening the previous night, attended by the volunteers who’d helped them, our foundation’s founders, and eminent artists and musicians. Not to mention the artists themselves – the evening saw a staggering concentration of youthful talent.
The young artists were congratulated by Zurab Tsereteli, president of the Russian Academy of the Arts, as well as the painter Katya Margolis, who had inspired the exhibition. And in the words of Gift of Life co-founder Dina Korzun, “modern art reflects all the problems and uncertainties of our world, whereas our artists display all its best sides, its hopes and possibilities.”
Among the most striking displays of the exhibition is a set of radio-controlled multicoloured hedgehogs (yes – made by the children themselves), a great ship with butterfly sails, and a real wishing tree – you can come inside, write your wish on a leaf and attach it to one of the branches. And finally, it features the symbol of the year – the world’s most beautiful serpentarium made by children’s hands.
The opening night featured many surprises for guests, including art and photography for the children, flowers for all guests and a live concert by the Peter Nalich group.
We would like to thank the Moscow Museum of Modern Art for its hospitality, and the VISA international payment system for supporting the exhibition.