02 JANUARY 2013

New cartoon: “Let’s help the children!”

Dear friends,

We would like to present our foundation’s new promotional cartoon, a real work of art, and a highly unusual one at that. It is the product of the united effort, creativity and fantasy of dozens of different people, adults and children, all working completely for free, and all enjoying it greatly.

All of the characters in the cartoon were drawn by the Centre for Children’s Haematology’s junior patients, Sonya, Dasha and Andrei. The children’s drawings were turned into an animation by the foundation’s long-term volunteer Masha Druzhinina, who regularly comes to the hospital to make cartoons with the children.

The music was a gift from the wonderful composer Pavel Karmanov. It was voiced by Grisha, the son of one of the Moscow Podari Zhizn foundation’s staff, and by the famous theatre and cinema actor Artur Smolyaninov, who is a member of Podari Zhizn’s board of directors.

Russia’s Channel 5 and the “Russia Today” channel lent us their studios for free for music and sound recording. The “RTR-Planeta”, “Perviy Kanal. Vsemirnaya Set'” and “Russia Today” channels have been airing the cartoon in two languages – English and Russian – throughout December. Thanks to our combined efforts, hundreds of thousands of people in Europe and the USA will now know about the work of our twin foundations.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the creators of the cartoon, young and old, and to those who helped us spread it. Thank you to everyone who helps our children, and may this little cartoon become a big New Year present. Thanks to this cartoon, several children have been able to finish treatment and come home for the New Year celebrations.

But our foundations continue to work, and new children will enter the hospitals and also want to come home for the holidays. This is why all we can do is repeat the cartoon’s final words: “Help suffering children come home for the holidays – it’s a wish every one of us can grant!”