13 JULY 2011

Madina Saralapova

9 year old Madina Saralapova was the first child who received support from Gift of LifeUK. Payment for Madina’s medication has become the first financial donation in 2011 made by the Foundation, which means that our history of help to diseased children has begun with Madina.

Madina Sarapalova is the youngest child in a large family originating fromChechnya. She became sick in spring 2008 for the first time, when she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. Madina spent one and half years under the drip bulb being treated with chemotherapy in a hospital inMoscow. She was never bored — she painted portraits of her friends in an album, put self-made butterfly stickers on the walls of the ward, created screenplays for an imaginary film series about Barbie dolls, and laughed for any reason and no reason.

Madina then got better and went home. We were all happy about the change in her, as her eyebrows and hair started growing again, and she was turning into a real beauty. But then a relapse of leukaemia was discovered on the day when supportive chemotherapy was supposed to be over. This took place in March 2011. Madina has been in aMoscowhospital since then again, but this time she needs a different type of medication, called Erwinase, which is unavailable and not registered inRussia. We collected donations for Madina together with the Russian ‘Gift of Life’ Fund. On July 13 we transferred £8948.92 to a pharmacy for 4 packs of Erwinase.

Madina is now in aMoscowhospital, where doctors are trying to select the right medication to bring her into remission. We wish Madina all the best in her treatment and thank everyone who helped with donations enabling us to buy the medication.

*Unfortunately, Madina has passed away on 14 November 2011