21 MARCH 2014

London Marathon 2014. Igor Khavlin.

Spring is the season of sports for charity and in various countries volunteers plan to run marathons to benefit Gift of Life! One of the stories is so unique and touching that we want to share it with you! On 13th of April, multiple-time champion of Russia, participant of the European and World championships, as well as Paralympic games in London Igor Khavlin will be running London Virgin Marathon to benefit Gift of Life.

He’s visually impaired: able to see the light, but can’t recognize silhouettes at any distance and in any direction. Athletes like him must run with a guide runner, connected by a rope to the wrist, to warn of obstacles, turns, ascents and descents on the way. Igor has decided to dedicate his marathon to children who fight with cancer under our care. He admits he decided to help, because having an ailment himself, he knows all too well the meaning of help that comes at the right time.

With the help of the crowd funding resource Igor plans to raise £1500 for Gift of Life. It’s a tested scheme: volunteer collects donations straight into charity’s account and donors can follow up on the process and progress. Usually link to the fundraising page is shared across volunteer’s friends through social networks. Last year, Victor Baybekov, who ran marathon in Barcelona, raised a whopping $5000 for Gift of Life. This year Anna Shaikhatarova plans to run a marathon in Moscow and has already raised €200 from the target of € 1500. Igor is almost blind and therefore won’t be able to use social networks to share the page. But we are sure that a lot of you will support him and donate money to buy medicine for children with cancer