08 JUNE 2016

Little Rayana needs your help!

Ten-year-old Rayana was born in Gudermes, Chechnya, to a big and happy family. She’s in her fourth year of school, and likes to spend her free time dancing. Her health problems began last autumn, when Rayana came down with measles. It took a long time for her to recover, but she finally did – only not for long. A little later, Rayana began to suffer from an inexplicable fever, which kept falling only to soon rise again. The doctor at the local clinic suggested consulting a haematologist. That is how Rayana discovered that she had a severe haematopoietic disorder: acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. Her family’s life changed radically: Rayana and her mother left to seek treatment in Moscow, at the Dmitry Rogachev Centre for Paediatric Oncology and Haematology, leaving her father to look after the household.

Rayana has been at the Centre since December, and has been through several courses of chemotherapy. Over the last few months, she has felt relatively well, without any infectious complications. Unfortunately, in May tests revealed a first early bone marrow relapse, and she was transferred to the oncohaematology department to receive anti-relapse therapy. Rayana has been a real trooper and has kept her spirits up throughout. Her general condition has been stable.

Right now, as part of her targeted therapy the doctors have decided to prescribe her the anti-tumour drug Atriance, which is effective in treating Rayana’s kind of leukaemia. But although Atriance is long since registered in Russia, right now it not available in the country at all, and hospitals and charities do not officially have the right to buy it abroad themselves. Meanwhile, patients with oncological illnesses require it on a constant basis, and often they simply can’t afford to wait. In these cases, the Gift of Life Foundation comes to the rescue and purchases it for those in need. Please help us raise £11 000 until 14th of June.

Let’s help Rayana together