28 APRIL 2014

Little Oleg Needs Your Help!

Dear friends, we are seeking your help on behalf of the parents of two-year-old Oleg Chudnoi from Maykop. He has blood cancer, and right now he needs 9 packs of Erwinase. With your help, we hope to raise the £27,000 needed to buy this medicine.

From his earliest childhood, Oleg’s parents have tried to keep him safe from all harm. He is so far an only child, and, of course, everyone’s favourite. His father Sergei works as a communications officer for the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and his mother Olga is in the army, but currently on maternity leave. Oleg already knows that in two months he will have a little sister, and every morning he puts his head to his mother’s stomach and says “Lyalya!”

In late October 2013, Oleg started to suffer from systematic leg injuries from poor movement. His mother was concerned, but doctors found nothing suspicious, and explained that the child was highly mobile, and the problem would soon pass. But soon Oleg started to limp with the other leg, and also became oddly pale, and his mother became alarmed. A rheumatologist prescribed a cream and other medicines, but the boy did not get better, and his mother discovered a swollen lymph gland in his groin area.

Oleg was hospitalised, and immediately got a blood test and started receiving antibiotics. The resident haematologist had him transferred to his ward, and, based on paracentesis results, gave him an initial diagnosis of leukaemia. In mid-November, Oleg was sent to a Moscow hospital, where he was given an exact diagnosis of “acute lymphoblastic leukaemia”.

Oleg only began to talk in hospital, and the first name he spoke was “Diana”. This is his ward-mate and friend, a 13-year-old girl of whom he is very fond. He has a friend back home, too, a girl named Arisha with whom he enjoys walking and playing in the street. Oleg also loves to put together puzzles and LEGO sets, watch cartoons, play educational computer games, make things out of putty and build homes for small animals. When he gets a little sister, he will definitely share all this wealth with her, but for now he readily gives everything he has to the people around him.

Please support Oleg and help us buy Erwinase for him.

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Thank you very much!